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Everything about Latvia is a contrast. The buildings, the scenery, the people, the customs and the experiences. It is just simply amazing to see and experience the surprises that crop up around every corner and in everyday life. From the experience at the small cafe to to the performances at the opera or ballet. What you expect may be not always what you encounter. The good and the bad; be better and the worse; the exciting and the dull experiences are what makes Latvia so exciting to just wonder; explore and be amused at what you find.

Cities and resorts

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  • Riga

    The capital of Latvia, situated on the Daugava River, is the biggest and most energetic city in the Baltic States. The old town, “Vecriga», the historic heart of the city, maintains a welcoming atmosphere which can be enjoyed in the lively street cafes and excellent restaurants.

  • Rundale

    Rundale Palace, located two hours from Riga, was built for Tsaritsa Anna by Rastrelli, the architect of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. Visit the richly decorated rooms, view the fine paintings and admire the period furniture.

  • Sigulda

    North east of Riga, Sigulda, on the edge of the Gauja National Park (often dubbed Latvia's Little Switzerland) is home to the massive Turaida Castle. Cesis is one of the oldest and best-preserved medieval towns in the Baltics. Visit the ruins of the castle founded in 1209 by the Knights of the Sword.

  • Jurmala

    Jurmala, a resort town possessing 150-year-old resort traditions, occupies approximately onetenth part of the Latvian coastal line. Its 30 km of the finest sandy beaches, with safe bathing, warm waters in summer, and elegant residences nestling among scented pine woods certainly make it the Riviera of the Baltic.

  • Cesis

    Cesis is a charming ancient town, located at a distance of 87 km from Riga. This small town boasts a beautiful nature, medieval castle ruins and wooden Old Town with medieval splendour. Today it also is a very popular place for various annual festivals and concerts,
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